Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Santa Spirit) #81

That is entirely up to you, we will use anything we get to make the event better…


(Santa Spirit) #82

That would be me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Commander A9) #83

This sounds fun! Do we have a system yet?

(Santa Spirit) #84

If you would like to hold a trivia contest, you are welcome to, I’ll have some gifts for the trivia folks too.


(Aya Silverye) #85

That is great to know! I would like to organize a trivia. But first time doing it in EVE - what are the rules, conditions, channels, when/where to organize, etc? Can we discuss that online when you’re free?

P.S.: If I want to donate something, can I just send the ISK to you or assign private Item Exchange contracts to you?

(grimgrimmett) #86

i would donate about 1100 plex but i wont get paid till the day of the event but would like to help out if the time of the event is after i get off work

(Santa Spirit) #87

Yes, to me is fine, and if you’ll send me an in-game mail, I’ll reply to you with the info you need.


(Santa Spirit) #88

I’m on eastern time in the US, I’ll start the EvEnt at DT in EvE which is about 6:00 am for me, and I’ll be there for 12 to 15 hours Maybe longer if things are still busy at that time.

(grimgrimmett) #89

that is the same time zone as me. i will be starting work at 7:00am and get off at 3:30pm so if i do make it it will be at the end of it

(AJ Osiris) #90

I have stacks of Hundreds of maxed out BPCs that I can donate. Yes or No?
I also have PILES upon piles of random ships I will never use again, mostly T1 of course.
Any chance you can reply in time regarding What Not to Donate will be Helpful.

(Santa Spirit) #91

I’ll look forward to seeing you there.


(Santa Spirit) #92

That is entirely up to the person who donates, each and every item that is donated has value when gifted to another, so whatever you wish to donate is fine, and if we don’t give it all out this year, it will be in next year’s gifts.


(Marcus Demetirus) #93

Well, I was going to donate a few ships, but United Intelligence Taskforce decided, even after knowing that I was trying to do some charitable work, that they didn’t care and would have preferred to destroy the work I had done.

My apologies, I will try to sling together something…

(Insidious Sainthood) #94

“F” for respect doffs hat

(Santa Spirit) #95

No need to apologize for things that are outside of your control, things happen, it is after all EvE, we take the good with the bad and then we hold our heads up, we continue and don’t let them get us down.


(Medieval Ballbuster) #96

Hello fellow Ohioan @ Santa Spirit,
First, my apologies for being a total forum newb and seeing this event so near it’s launch date. Secondly, I have a couple ship donations for this Christmas event; to whom shall I set up the contract to? Lastly, I offer my help if so needed in any manner be it advice to an opponent for people to chew on. Cheers and Merry Christmas. ~Medi

(Santa Spirit) #97

to me is fine, and no worries, the offer to help is appreciated and can best be served by passing the information around so as many folks as are able get to come.


(Medieval Ballbuster) #98

Will do :smile:

(Soljisk) #99

Looking forward to this event. This would be the first one I am able to attend. :slight_smile: what is your ingame name for donations?

(Dr Moe Dallocort) #100

Contract up in Amar - from me, credit should be assigned to Status Unknown. Corp (via Cakahr) as the sponsor. Bunch of BPC, some T2, some isk (100 Mil), skill extractor, and a body redo cert. I hope you find it useful