Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #61

donated some isk to help… won’t be able to attend or help any other way.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #62

THIS thread is giving me some holiday spirit. I might even get a tree this year instead of ripping a branch off a neighbor’s evergreen and decorating it with cards from people I never cared about.

(Dr Moe Dallocort) #63

I think I missed last year, so this year I will include something a little more useful, like isk…along with so many BPC that it will make your head spin…or say who in the heck is going to want this &(*&().

Amar work, or should I put the contract up in Jita?

Which in game account do you want the contract under?

(Orlyonok) #64

would a bunch of simple but useful bpcs fully researched and max runs help out, plus I need to check some of my other alts for stuff

(grisee whenne) #65

chere pere noel qu’est ce que tu m apporter ?

(fred Shounal) #66

Hey santa !
Thanks for taking your time for the organisation of this event. Missed it last years. Now that I know about it will do better next year. If I can help in any other way, feel free to contact me.

3 small injectors, they always love it
2 procurer
2 retriever
1 porpoise
1 Ashimmu
4 Maller
11 Coercer
4 Venture
10 Atron
10 Condor
2 Sunesis
1 of each bpc : nighthawk, ishtar, nemesis, purifer, retribution, curse

(fred Shounal) #67

contract is in Amar

(StarFox88) #68

Hey Santa, I’d love to participate in the Brawl, but once you figured out the rules, I decide if I do or not.

(Anathranil) #69

Have many t1 frigates and assorted modules (dark blood thermal armor plating for one). Also, have freighter will travel.

(Evo Ex) #70

This is pretty cool, unfortunately the first time I have heard about it. lol
My head ended up in the sand for a few years. Definitely excited to see how the brawl and ship activities will go. Rock on Santa Spirit!

(Capn'JT Kirk) #71

Santa… you should link this in gen dis

(Madoro Golmadora) #72

i don`t know what is that event for. but if U realy wanna help i am a new player Madoro Golamadora if u have any thing for me that well be great .many thanks :slight_smile:

(Aya Silverye) #73

I am hearing about this event for the first time and am very interested. I would like to donate some small ships and destroyers. Can you give me a character name to donate the ships to in Jita? I have never done this before so no idea how to give it you. Keep up the good work!

P.S.: I would like to help, what I can do? I am good with technical knowledge and trivia including aerospace.

(Evig Krise) #74

Can you pm me ingame? :slight_smile:

(Orlyonok) #75

who do we get a hold of to donate

(Banirtal Cadelanne) #76

Hey Santa

Sent you some stuff through one of my alts, also a message from Megan Talie-Kuo, with low value, high volume ships. Let me know if it is feasable to donate.

(Gary Thellere) #77

I’d like to donate 100 PLEX

(Santa Spirit) #78

We used to post in GD, but then they moved it to here so whenever I make a post now, I just post in events and hope that folks will spread the word.


(Santa Spirit) #79

2 years ago, we decided to just have tiered duels because of the crimewatch changes and that seems to work out the best.
Since we provide the ships, we are able to keep it pretty fair for folks


(Santa Spirit) #80

Thanks, you can contract it to me and I’ll get it moved to the event location.