Christmas is coming soon, prt 7 2018 Event

(Santa Spirit) #41


(Santa Spirit) #42

it would help if you all spread this around, let folks know about the event

(PI farmer1) #43

i didn’t get anything D;

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #44

Glad to see you are still doing this, Santa. I’ll see what I can spare.

(Mcdonald's Seller) #45

I want to Apologize for the last replay but thank you so much for the 6 alpha injectors as a gift!!!

Thanks Santa

(Santa Spirit) #46

Thanks, and, I’m glad I’m still able to do it…


(Tovh) #47

I want to donate. What kinda stuff do you need?

(Mike Azariah) #48

Operation magic School Bus will try to be in attendance. But rl may preclude that, I will have to see. If not? Let me know where and I will arrange for some gifts to be available.


(Tovh) #49

Santa send me an in game mail if you have time. whatever is easiest. I wont respond to other character mails. Lemme know what kinda stuff you need/want. I was able to have an Omega account because of a plex I received from your event 2 years ago. I’d liked to give back :slight_smile:

(Tovh) #50

I replied to myself,gawd

(Marcus Demetirus) #51

Hey, Santa, drop me an evemail, and I’ll donate a few hulls. :smiley:

(JxC Lyc) #52

Hay Santa just sent you a contract with some donations :santa:

(Santa Spirit) #53

Done, Thank you

(Santa Spirit) #54

Thank you Sir.
it is much appreciated


(Santa Spirit) #55

Hi Mike,
I certainly hope that you are able to attend, and you are more than welcome to hold an EvEnt of your own during the EVEnt, I’ll happily make room for you.


(Santa Spirit) #56

Trust me… you’re not the only one that has done that LOL

(Santa Spirit) #57

LOL, I accepted it and EvE crashed…

(Plec Beddelver) #58

Hey Santa,I’d love to help. I’m fairly new to Eve,so I probably don’t have any items people want,but,I’ve got TIME. Give me a holler.

(Santa Spirit) #59

No problem, just try to be there on the 14th and join us for some fun times…


(Shanks Maulerant) #60

Hi, just bumping and annoucing that im happy to attend!
I cant help money wise sadly, im poor af, just starting