Chroma Corp | LGBTQIA+ , female-identifying and Leftist players

Chroma Corp is a new-pilot-friendly-corporation, with the goal of helping new pilots get started in EVE Online. In particular, we focus on being a home to LGBTQIA+, female-identifying and leftist players who want to avoid toxicity. We seek to help you find both a home in New Eden and a community of players to fly with who respect you for who you are. Get set up in high sec, learning how to run missions and generate ISK. When you’re ready, dip your toes into PVP in low sec, null sec, j-space and Pochven.

Update: Chroma Corp and Be Nice Inc are members of the Prismatic Legion alliance. \o/

1) To provide a safe space for female-identifying, LGBTQIA+, and leftist pilots.
2) Have fun in EVE Online

Headquarters: Lustrevik, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic.
From our headquarters, it is 4 jumps to Rens, 2 jumps to Hek, 10 jumps to Dodixie and 21 jumps to Jita. Lustrevik has Brutor Tribe level 2, 3 and 4 agents. It is also 4 jumps from a level 4 Sisters of Eve agent in Lanngisi.

Activities (Things our current corp members like to do): Adventures into null sec, wormhole space and Pochven; Exploration; Invention; Manufacturing; Mining (including moon mining thanks to our friends in Dammfam); PvP; Running missions; and teaching others about EVE.

Structure: All members have a voice. Members may volunteer for different corporate roles and then step back out of them when they need a break. New pilots start as ‘initiates’ and are nominated for membership. Votes are held in Discord.

How we use tax funds (so far): Pay rent for corporate hangars, fund T1 ships and fittings for pvp. Currently the tax is 5%.

Public Channel: Chroma Corp Public

Requirements to join: Agree to abide by the posted rules. All new members must have a voice interview using our Discord server.

Drop by the public channel or reach out to a recruiter for more details.

CEO: Chebri

Personnel Officers: Ictali Batzki, Tygerjuggler and Miner MacKinneth (US time zones).

Rules of Engagement: NBSI in j-space, null sec and Pochven


Can I get into your Discord?

Hey there your corp sounds great! I am a trans women very green to Eve and am looking for some fun people to do stuff with or even just socialize while playing. I am located in Australia but work from home so I have some freedom on when I can be active.

I hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Hello Charybdis Euphoria o/

Our public in-game channel is “Chroma Corp Public”.

In-game pilots to contact are “Chebri”, “Ictali Batzki” or “Miner Mackinneth”.


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Chroma Corp is still accepting pilots interested in flying in an inclusive, diverse, LGBTQ+ group of helpful folks. Stop by the in-game channel, Chroma Corp Public, and say “hello”!

<3<3<3s to this group. Very friendly folks :).

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Chroma Corp is still accepting pilots. Recent group adventures include wormhole ratting, flying through Pochven to earn positive standings with both EDENCOM and Triglavians, combat anomaly escalations, looking for pvp opportunities, and more.

If you believe in inclusion, this might be the corp for you. Visit us in the in-game channel [Chroma Corp Public].

Fly safe or…fly it like you stole it. :wink:

Great group for new players that are looking for a friendly bunch to learn the ropes with.

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New player looking for a cool group to learn the ropes and have fun in EvE, I am from Costa Rica and am in need of an active corp to bond, have fun and grow in the game. So far have had bad luck with elitist players and folks making fun of where I am from or my lack of experience. Would love to get in touch with you to have a chat about how to join. Do you have a Discord server? Thanks much!

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We do have discord! I’ll see if I can get a recruiter to reach out to you.

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Hello Lucius!

I’ve sent you a mail in-game with information on how to contact us via Discord and in-game.

I’m sorry you’ve had unpleasant experiences so far with other groups. Toxic gaming culture is unnecessary. Once we get to chat more, we can visit and see if Chroma Corp meets your expectations.

In the meantime, take care and fly safe. o7

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We’re still recruiting newbies and pros alike! :rocket:

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Looking to sign on. I will contact in-game.

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Chroma Corp has joined Be Nice Inc in the alliance Prismatic Legion!
We’re happy to fly under the same, beautiful logo.
I look forward to many more adventures with the wonderful Be Nice Inc pilots. Good times ahead!