Chroma Corp | LGBTQIA+ , female-identifying and Leftist players

Chroma Corp is a new-pilot-friendly-corporation, with the goal of helping new players getting started in EVE. In particular, we focus on being a home to LGBTQIA+, female-identifying and Leftist players who want to avoid toxicity they may get just for existing. We seek to help you find both a home in New Eden and a community of players to fly with who respect you for who you are. Our focus is on the new player experience, getting you set up in high sec, learning how to run missions and generate ISK. When you’re ready, dip your toes into PVP in low sec, null sec, j-space and Pochven.

1) To provide a safe space for female-identifying, LGBTQIA+, and leftist pilots.
2) Have fun in EVE Online

Headquarters: Lustrevik, Heimatar, Minmatar Republic.
From our headquarters, it is 4 jumps to Rens, 2 jumps to Hek, 10 jumps to Dodixie and 21 jumps to Jita. Lustrevik has Brutor Tribe level 2, 3 and 4 agents. It is also 4 jumps from a level 4 Sisters of Eve agent in Lanngisi.

Activities (Things our current corp members like to do): Adventures into null sec, wormhole space and Pochven; Exploration; Incursions; Invention; Manufacturing; Mining (including moon mining thanks to our friends in Dammfam); PvP; Running missions; and teaching others about EVE.

Structure: Co-op. All members have a voice. Members may volunteer for different corporate roles and then step back out of them when they need a break. New pilots start as ‘initiates’ and are nominated for membership. Votes are held in Discord.

How we use tax funds (so far): Pay rent for corporate hangars, fund T1 ships and fittings for pvp. Currently the tax is 5%.

Public Channel: Chroma Corp Public

Requirements to join: There is no SP total needed to join. All we ask of potential members is that they are kind, respectful, and caring of all members (no: racism, ableism, sexism, or hate speech allowed. Period). All new members must have a voice interview using our Discord server.

There is no game time requirement. Play when you want.

Founders: Tarik Nobunaga & Vikkka

CEO: Chebri

Personnel Officers: Mino Capra (EUR); Ictali Batzki (US).

Diplomats: Sergius Glajar; Ictali Batzki

Rules of Engagement: NBSI in j-space, null sec and Pochven

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