Fly Gay! Join Chroma Corp

We are a newb friendly corp, located near Rens, focused upon providing a solid home for new players who are female-identifying, LGBTQIA+, and/or Leftists. We know how hard it can be to find a solid group to fly with that is not riddled with the more toxic parts of gamer culture. We also know how hard it can be to figure out what part of the EVE ecosystem you enjoy most. As such, we strive to provide a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive home for newbies as they find their feet. We’ll teach you how to make your ISK, get you into the ships you want to fly, defend and attack in PVP, and if you’re up to it, we partner with a wormhole group to help you transition into wormhole space if that floats your boat. We have no SP requirements or required events, just a willingness to learn and fly with a solid group of folks.

If that sounds like the sort of people and environment you want to be in, please send Tarik Nobunaga an in game mail, and we’ll see about getting the ball rolling on you flying with Chroma Corp.


:rainbow: Hell yeah! I’m excited to see a corp like this for new players. :rainbow:


Bumpity bump bump! We are still excitedly looking for new corp members, and would love to hear from you.

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Thank you for setting up this wonderful corp! \o/
Big bump!

Bumper to bumper!

If you’re new to eve or looking to dip your toes in the water, Chroma is a sweet oasis for toxic averse players looking to carve their niche in the harsh chaos of New Eden.

We offer advice, support, comraderie, banter and free stuff… all we ask for is mutual respect and solidarity.

Come kill, be killed or just thrive with us :slight_smile:


Me please! :blush::sparkles:

I joined the Sleep Paralysis corp, but I’d like to join your Discord if that’s okay!

Hi there! I’m extremely new. Just wondering if you’re still recruiting, and if so, if you accept brand new players (I’m only a few days in).




been in chroma for a number of months and the community is great, ranging from complete noobs to people with years of experience

I just sent a message to one of your peeps! I’m really interested in joining!

psa: Chroma; pour homme, pour femme, et pour les autres aussi

Chroma Corp is still accepting pilots!

Activities (things our current corp members like to do):
Day trips into null sec, wormhole space and Pochven
Exploration, Incursions, Invention, Manufacturing, Mining (including moon mining), PvP, running missions, knocking over Pirate Strongholds, and sharing knowledge.

There is no game time or game activity requirement. Play when you want.

Rules of Engagement: NBSI in j-space, null sec and Pochven.

We have pilots in EU, Australian and US time zones.

Interested in living in wormhole space? Check out Be Nice Inc. They’re great folks!

Fly safe. Enjoy EVE. o7

Hey I heard about you guys through Be Nice Inc. and I think this is exactly the kind of corp I’m looking for as a new player! I’ll try and get in touch in-game!

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