Chromebook Setup?

Wondering if there is a recent step-by-step workaround for getting Eve on a Chromebook. I’ve read some of the posts out there on Reddit and in the forums, and i’m not sure where I’m stumbling.

A bit of backstory…I’m on a field exercise for the next month, and I’m on the complete other side of the country from my home PC, so Remote Desktop is too slow to activate the client that way. I know it’s a lot to ask, but if anyone has a good go-by, I would appreciate it. I’m a totalnewbz when it comes to Chromebooks and Linux, but I can at least get into developer mode and go from there.

Alternatively, I’m prepared for the gurus to tell me to suck it up and wait till I get back home in February to play…

Thanks in advance!

The below articles will talk about running win32 x86 instruction on an ARM processor BUT that is only for the Snapdragon, running through emulation. This emulation is being specially designed by Microsoft and the QTeam. Unless you have one of these devices, or a preview build, there isn’t much hope of running Eve on the Chromebook itself, not unless CCP gives you the source and you can translate it to ARM readable code (the server might reject the connection do to having an altered/modified client though).

Disclaimer: I am by no means a pro, and all I offer is a basic insight. For a more in depth explanation I’d seek a programmer.

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