Chrome OS

I feel that CCP is missing out on a wonderful opportunity here. I am a Chromebook user and currently cannot access the servers. I’ve tried the new Streaming service and my net speed is too slow. Stupid, I know. However, perhaps a work around with the Chrome OS would be beneficial to everyone involved. Or, if anyone knows how to get around now having a download for Chrome, I would love to hear it. I did try Linux…but that wasn’t working. I also tried the Eve Echoes app…wouldn’t work at all…bad luck all around. Let me know what everyone thinks.

eve echoes is not the same as eve online… your only other option at the moment is playing on steam.

won’t i have to pay for that as well as pay for EVE?

Just found out that my system is not compatible with Steam from google app store…this sucks

how did you manage to get in the game then?

I had an account back in 2006 that went dark for a long time. They recently were able to recover it. Recently, however, I was at a friends house and was able to access the server with their hp laptop. Good news, though. I found out how to install steam on chromebook through linux…so that should help

Spoke too soon. EVE client won’t run on SteamOS on Linux…sighs

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