Any EVE Anywhere experiences?

So, with EVE on Linux seemingly getting worse by the day, I wondered if EVE Anywhere might be a viable alternative. Anyone here tried it out and has some feedback to give? From the news articles I found it sounds like it works just like the regular client, but there must be a downside somewhere?



For my part !

  • The graphics are less good than those that we can have locally.
  • Game parameters are not saved between 2 executions
  • The keyboard (FR) incorrectly recognized, no accent, and I still have not found the question mark!
  • Anywhere helps me out, just to collect my daily rewards.
  • For the rest it’s really blah!

It’s great in a pinch, but I would hate for it to be my daily driver. You have to change your overview and window layout every time, and you can’t copy-paste things out of Anywhere (names to check on zkill, evepraisal, etc)

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It was mostly OK, but as others mentioned, the local data like UI and overview settings don’t persist between sessions and that is a complete deal breaker. I’m hoping it might be possible to fix this by storing UI on detachable volumes or something that can be loaded in each new instance that gets spun up to play, but who knows.

is this full streaming or can it be a PWA (Progressive Web App) game to be more efficient by downloading the content to the PWA storage like the local game client does currently?

It’s full streaming - the game is running on a server farm with Nvidia GPUs somewhere and then the output is streamed to your browser.

A PWA would involve a complete rewrite and most likely wouldn’t have anywhere near the browser compatibility the streaming setup has, due to standards implementation inconsistencies across browsers.

We are long gone from the days of IE and compatibility issues and standards are finally more adopted. Not to mention many “forks” are basically Chrome anyway.

A PWA would reduce the streaming content required as it would be cached locally, it would be pushed over the air like the current client on demand.

I wish we were, but unfortunately Safari still exists, and while Firefox is in or is approaching single-digit market percentages, those users would still complain. Even some of the Blink forks don’t agree on PWA standards - Brave for instance lags behind.

Are we talking video frames from the server here? There’s nothing to cache without delivering an out-of-sync stream.

I am talking about what we currently download on demand with the current client. The rendering would be local.

That would be cool, and would still need a new client. Maybe as WASM improves we’ll see more ports of traditional desktop applications to the browser, there’s been some exciting progress in that area.

WebGL, WebGPU, Vulkan.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s what I thought. Not really a solution then.

I live in SA, not holding my breath. But I hope.

It would be awesome to play on the browser.

Have been playing EVE Anywhere almost daily for more than a month now, as my only option, not being allowed to download anything here - it is workable (with the caveats mentioned in post #2), and for a BETA actually quite good and stable :smiley:, only throwing me off seemingly at random ones every 3-4 days.

I will absolutely recommend trying EVE Anywhere for a period. Loss/change of market quickbar between sessions is easily fixed by copying to a note from time to time and on log-off, and most of the other current deficits can be worked around.

What I mostly suffer from is a lack of servers, not allowing me to log on when I want to - although again this is to be expected from a BETA :innocent:

Today there is also an “Unexpected Error” on log on, as in the picture below - I hope it is solved by downtime, any chance of that, @CCP_Swift?

But again it IS beta so we should expect this happening from time to time until EVE Anywhere is out of BETA and fully deployed. When might that be, @CCP_Paragon?

I created a ticket with support about persistent UI and they suggested I bring it up with CSM.

I posted it here and a CSM member stated they’d bring it up.

That tells me that this isn’t something that they planned on having in EVE Anywhere, so they want us to ask for it.

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Any clue as to when EVE-Anywhere will be made available to Alpha’s as announced at Fan Fest?

With EvE running in the cloud like this, shouldn’t CCP already have native linux binaries?

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