Eve Anywhere enters Beta

Please feel free to discuss this upcoming feature here. You can find the related news article here.


Is there a way to play it without forcing fullscreen? I just want to leave it in the browser tab.


I do not have that information on hand, but your feedback is appreciated.

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You must work in customer relations/support in rl because…

Is exactly the answer the woman at the cable co gave me after I screamed obscenities at her over my bill! :rofl:


I’ve been at this for years, so technically yes.


Can I play on any device? How can there be a whole article without that information when it is the first thing anyone asks?

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EVE is now officialy a free to play browser game.
Let that sink in for a minute.


What could go wrong? lol


This would be handy for doing industry and trading. Shame about US only.


Dear CCP. Any approx update when it will be possible to login via browser world wide/Europe?

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I am in the US and Omega clone. Unable to find the Launch button on homepage after signing in with this account. Others confirmed their inability to find button. Any screenshots of this supposed button?

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I tried this in USA on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, PC & Mac on 100Mb/s internet and I never see the button after logging in.

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it would be nice if we hade some screengrabs or youtube video!

CCP - Masters of Irony

“Eve Anywhere”, available in the US only. :rofl:


What a surprise!

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well my phone is 10x more powerful than my pc anyway

So it exists? It’s not vaporware?

Turn off your browser’s ad-blockers if you’re not seeing it. I don’t see much use for this unless you want to play eve while traveling/working or something. Has anybody gotten this to work on their phone browser (does it even work on phones?).


I was able to see the feature to try it out, but can it be played in anything else than full screen?

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