EVE Anywhere’s In-Browser Streaming Service to Cease Operations May 24

EVE Anywhere, the cloud-based platform allowing EVE Online to be played in-browser, will be discontinued on Wed 24 May.

CCP will continue to support EVE Anywhere up until Wed 24 May; please note that PLEX payments through the service will no longer be accepted from Mon 22 May.

As we bid farewell to EVE Anywhere, we extend our gratitude to all the pioneering EVE pilots who have been a part of this incredible journey. Thank you for helping us deliver EVE Online in this ambitious approach, and rest assured that CCP remains open to exploring new ways for players to access EVE Online in the future.

For now, players can still explore alternative ways to access EVE Online, such as cloud gaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW. We’d also like to encourage players to join the ongoing Launcher Beta to help shape its development.



Could we get some context of why we’re losing this feature? Was it under used and I assume fairly server-resource-heavy?


Does this mean you can use those dev-man-hours on EVE Online instead now?


Does the Nvidia cloud gaming actually work on your phone

I was waiting there would be available in Italy. That’s horrible news.

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Yes, Using it for the past 2 years now.
You might want to have a Bluetooth mouse for your phone.

But with only touch interface I do daily skilling spree and market/contracts

Love it!

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Why!! No more Eve during working hours :confused:

“Did I say that out loud?”


CCP is no longer supporting the technology used to power EVE Anywhere behind the scenes. Instead, we will be further investing our energy and resources into a new and improved desktop launcher for the game, which is currently in Beta (as of Wed 12 April), bringing heightened security, tailored content, increased convenience, and a faster and more seamless launch into New Eden.


Could you fix the Market API?

In November, 2022, a critical market API endpoint was disabled temporarily by CCP. It has yet to be re-enabled.

Also, the bounty system was temporarily removed - is it ever coming back? Is there any plan to restore any features? Is there any way to communicate to CCP what players want, so CCP can prioritize stuff that people actually want?


A shame but not entirely surprising, it was a very useful tool for stuff like trading and production, but it still needed so much more work done for it to be fully useful

One thing CCP Game is good at: Promising new ideas, only to kill them a couple years later…

First Dust524, then the constant pushing of VR games that are all dead and gone today… Now they’re trying to push “BlOcKcHaIn GaMInG” after the horse has bolted (and the old games have crashed and burned) as they shut down yet another feature today.

I look forward to the “Microsoft Excel in Eve will be discontinued on May 24 2026” devpost…


lolol excel in eve


That really is a shame, especially because cloud gaming seems to fall on its ass as well. It’s not like there weren’t some obvious (future) security issues with it but it certainly was very cool and looked promising. Will there be any plans for the new launcher to somehow be able to make an Android/iOS version?

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They never seem to answer this question…

You think it will last more than 3 months before CCP gives up on it and makes all of their dev time a complete waste?

You’re funny, guy. :laughing:


This. So much this.

Zkillboard is basically keeping your entire company afloat right now. Fix your busted ass “Swagger” interface to atleast allow it to have accurate numbers.


This was something that i really wanted to see come to Romania. I used it when i traveled and it was great.

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I have seen some (recent) discord chatter about something being done to resurrect the market API.

I think this falls in the category Soon™

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That’s too bad, I really liked the feature on my Chromebook directly rather than going through GFN. It was exciting to have EVE run smoothly in a browser, I guess personally I could always go back to the somewhat laggy VPN+VNC approach and my normal desktop.



I use what they call a “Launcher”.

I am attaching a screenshot of what this looks like.


If you can find this button, you will be pleased to know that you can still play the game, with no browser required! (hint: try doubleclick)