EVE Anywhere’s In-Browser Streaming Service to Cease Operations May 24

Well, I use Teamviewer - did I say that loud?

Gosh, that’s a blow to lazy linux users with fossil rigs like myself.

This may be the only opportunity to say:

The logs I’ve logged-in
Thanks for all the joy they’ve brought in
Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty
What would EVE be?
Without EVE Anyhere what will we see?
So I say, thank you for the service
For giving it to me.

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I mean, can’t say i’m surprised in the slightest lol

Yes, but you will need a running pc to connect to.

That I don’t have

would be nice to know Why its closing?

You can also add Chrome remote desktop to that. I use it.

Do you know other ways to game streaming other than NVIDIA GeForce? I just tried and it says the servers are overloaded.

I used EVE Anywhere on my chromebook and it sure was impressive graphics wise.

In the end, like many I am not surprised. Cloud gaming is too niche and only helps a very very small fraction of people. Even then I had wifi issues and connection was not reliable vs launching EVE on my more powerful laptop.

I argue that they always maintained this was a test sadly interest wasn’t there, and it was shut down as a logical business decision to redirect resources to their new launcher beta for example.

They are “innovating” :slight_smile:
To show for showing sake. These ideas prove not sustainable because they were too ambitious for them, or there was no market or it died off with platforms deaths.
But someone still pushed it. All these money could have been spent better, or with better results.

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lol, another cr*p idea that nobody asked for down the drain.


If you still need cloud gaming after this shuts down, just use Shadow.
full disclosure: there is nothing in this for me, I’m just a satisfied former customer.

I will list up things CCP promised in the last fanfest compensating the price hike and review if they were implemented as they promised or not this weekend.


I am disappointed as I do use the Eve Anywhere, now and again, when I am away from home or even away from my desk.


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I’m not surprised, I tried it out earlier this year and when it worked, it worked fine. But due to it being in a browser, some commands have some unwanted behavior, like the BACK button on my mouse…

But when it broke and you contacted support, you got a lackluster reply 9 days later. So it was the 5th of February when I already got the impression, yeah CCP is throwing in the towel and I didn’t bother to spend any more time on it as EVE support was very unhelpful.

Now, I’m wondering, if CCP will lower the Omega subscription prices due to the removal of this relatively expensive feature… :wink: Yeah, maybe I should: Puff, puff, pass… hands it to the next commenter

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I used it on multiple low end machines, or on a public pc and thoroughly loved it. The only 2 issues I ran into at times were

  1. not being able to properly connect to the game via browser due to networking issues in public places, like some hospitals, public libraries, etc. due to port blocks by system administrator/ not open

1a) additionally on some publicly accessible computers, like library computers, if the system is s VM.

  1. the requirement of 25Mbps connection speed to launch. I ran into multiple places in public locations, hotels, and the like, where getting 25Mbps connection was hard, if not impossible due to speed throttling, or poor speed in general.

Additionally, I wish there would have been a way to not have to recofigure your ui each time you connected, but it was okay.

All in all, I wish eve anywhere could hawve kept on and am



Can you make it launch and run In Excel? My works Excel?

The question was WHY are you getting rid of it. Instead, you answered “what we’re doing instead…”. Are you really that averse to the most basic of transparency around your decision-making? People are curious as to why you decided to discontinue it. You should have anticipated that and answered it in your original post. (Was it just you don’t have enough staff? Was the technology too complicated? Did it hit a dead end? Was there not enough interest?)

Your lack of transparency indicates you don’t trust or respect your customers enough to inform them of your thinking. Weird…

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Come on now, no one wants to be the face of a faceless corporation unless the hazard pay compensates for the medical bills.

You can’t expect them to admit that your company is just ridiculously bad at developing, maintaining and supporting their own products that they launched with great fanfare. That would be bad for their investors. And now that CCP dives headfirst into crypto again, they need all the investor confidence they can muster.