Eve anywhere not available in the UK yet it says it it

As the title says im tryingvto get eve anywhere to work in the UK but doesnt work on my ipad.
Is it mobile device compatible?

Have you tried using hand gestures?

Pretty sure CCP want to swipe your money.

You mean, is it Apple compatible.

Isn’t Apple browsers WebKit based not Chromium? That might be the problem?

Chromium is like IE all over again.

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Im omega. Tried it on ipad and Samsung phone. To no avail. Not really wantung to play it but handy for event login loot.

I would suggest perhaps trying a Chromium based browser on the iPad.

Google became Microsoft, Chromium became IE.

UK also being a backwater in the internet connectivity world, might have problems with connection speed check at the launch button or have issues maintaining connection speed/latency.

Might only be certain u.k. locations, its not in all territories yet, and yes it should work on firefox

Not sure what it is you’re saying with that link, but my post was about that Firefox isn’t chromium based but is supporting EVE anywhere according to the EVE anywhere page.

Ive tried chrome, apples web, firefox, google, and explorer. None work.

Im using mobile data with a 5G connection.

Perhaps 5G hasn’t completed your body scan yet…

Tried raising your arms?

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The network requirements for Eve Anywhere are rather demanding. As I recall it’s a 30Mbps stable low latency and jitter connection.
My broadband is able to support it, but I had a bit of grief with one bit of elderly internal network kit.

Eve Anywhere does work in the UK - I’m there and it’s is working for me on a wired desktop computer (Chrome on Kubuntu) - that was a few months back as a test, i usually run on a full-fat client install on the same machine.

Having just tried accessing Eve Anywhere on a mobile (Chrome on Android) on the same home network I’m getting “not available in your country”.

How they do country detection i don’t know - it may well have a portion of latency based detection. This would make sense; playing from, say, Dubai over a VPN giving a US IP address isn’t going to be sustainable as latency will be high and preventing a session start-up you know will fail reduces cost/load on the server farm running the clients.
This would explain the reason I get a “nope” from my mobile on a weaker/contended wireless network.

Physics is unforgiving and Eve Anywhere is demanding.

Aside: Anywhere isn’t a great replacement for a full client experience - it works, but it’s slightly “awkward” and doesn’t persist the client settings.
It gives you your fix though.

What is the endpoint it connects to? Anybody did a trace or TCP view?

Is there an IPv6 endpoint?

I’m having a similar issue. In the US, using a iPad Air 5th gen, upload and download over 200, have tried it on multiple browser’s and it’s said not available in my country.

I do not believe it is supported on iOS at this time, only desktop browsers.


It was same thing for me at home. I live in Denmark. But i just tried it at my work as a utility guard at night shifts. and fortunately, it works there. Gotta say mining ore at work in the night time, is a nice simple way for some extra iskis. But please dont tell my boss. Oh and our work computer is ■■■■, but it runs on high pretty good. Wouldnt do anything serioues in eve though with it. But it is nice for the small afkish tasks like mining, trading, travl. great add on!!

The internet never forgets.

That last bit is what makes me upset, I had been wanting this for months. Read the post, get super exited and not available in my country? Really at least say not supported yet or something along that line.

This isn’t available to me in Canada yet either. Apparently we must be some third world country. I am waaayyy past the required specs and connection speed.

Come on CCP get it together!! :slight_smile:

Got damn they are adding more places ■■■■■■■ hell.

Just want to say I’m in the UK and I ran it ok thought a browser very happy with it , not as good as going though the launcher but it works

Aye it wirks on a computer browser but not on any portable devices like ipad or phone. Why would i open up on my desktop browser when ive got it installed anyway?

“EVE anywhere is not available in some wheres.