Eve Anywhere doesn't seem to support tablet or mobile devices

The recent launch of Eve Anywhere seemed to not support any mobile devices but only desktop browsers. Many of my corp mates have tested this. Under the same wifi in the same location, any desktop browser can start the game while no mobile devices nor tablets can. The error message is “eve anywhere is not available in your location”, but clearly that’s not the real reason.

We have an entire corp from the mobile game Eve Echoes ready to migrate to Eve Online for the real experience. And I believe hundreds of thousands are on the way too.

However the only thing stopping us from doing that is not having support on mobile devices. It’s not like we need to play this game on the go under 5G network, but we just enjoy taking the game with us around the house on a tablet with wifi connection at least, and not having to sit in the same spot all day.

Could any dev provide some instructions on how to get Eve Anywhere to work on tablets at least? If it’s not supported, can we not false advertise (it’s really frustrating)? And is there a timeline to do so?

Thanks and much love.

They posted in the blog its still working on being available to more areas. Right now anything apple is off limits for eve anywhere.

My guess is that you’re doing this on Android/iOS/iPadOS tablets. Have you tried it on a x86 Windows tablet? Have you tried it on a Windows ARM tablet? My guess is that it’s limited by browser/OS, not by hardware device type.

I would be shocked if that changes anytime soon.
I don’t know jack myself, but my brother-in-law says developing for safari sucks

Devs will fix it shortly

Eve anywhere shall be now know as Eve Roll the dice

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