What happened to eve anywhere?

It’s been like half a year and still no update. I’m in Singapore and the only way i can play eve is on my ipad and i cant do that without eve anywhere please fix this

Well, if you’re desperate, you can use a proxy server. And, hopefully they’ll expand to more countries soon.

Eve anywhere hasnt been available for mobile devices yet as far as im aware

Huh. I just assumed it would work because it was browser based. But, hell if I know.

Last i tried it on my tablet i didnt have an option. My note20 doesnt either

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Using Samsung Internet on my S9 I can use EVE Anywhere pretty easily. All I had to do was select desktop version. It would be interesting to see if you could get it working or if my phone/browser combo is just an outlier.

Yea i havent updated ny post but yes it has to be desktop site, but mine set there and kept loading

Ah, that’s unfortunate. I don’t know enough about phones to offer a solution.

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