Eve Online for ipad

Can we get a playable version of eve online for ipad, eve echoes sucks, its not the same, or at least get eve anywhere worldwide so we can play from all devices

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Likely it’s not going to happen due to huge scale EVE is. Your best bet is playing EVE on a small laptop like a chromebook and so on. With EVE anywhere. CCP would have likely pursued this path but likely determined it was too hard/too much trouble to expand on mobile devices.

They could still improve eve anywhere, its only in Europe, justly waiting for it to get to singapore, i could use a vpn but that might be against the rules and plus I lost my money to a scam, was this close too 1.5 bill to omega, back to 120mill. just need some kind souls to help out

Jita is the place for begging for ISK, i am sure people there will sort you out

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Lets stick on topic. EVE online for tablets/ipads is likely not going to happen. Sorry.

Yah CCP is working on EVE anywhere it’s highly risky to use due to it being new. From all factors I see around me CCP won’t go into this area with the main game.

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