New ccp mobile mmo game

Below link has video of the ccp game



This should be good. The tears and/or salt, that is.


Maybe they can oh, I don’t know… fix the Mac OSX client first?

I vote this as a troll out of 10 lol

There is no ipad model that can actually run the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this real or a mockup? Looks to me to be nothing more than a ship viewer.

Will the devices need recommended specc?

Made a screenshot from
Read about iOS 12 section, and ARkit

I thought that Project Aurora that changed name to Eve: War of Ascension just got another name.
Also still no images even for Project Legion I mean Project Nova, I mean whatever it will be called…

CCP, when will you finish at least one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Apple is photoshopping every image they have on the website. Or they just make 3d models or use fake hands on their images. Its all fake!

Imagine this feature with CQ and being able to “equip” your avatar in the augmented reality and talk with others that way.

Imagine closing doors and throwing the key out of window so you can feel like in the CQ. :rofl:


Another possible use of this feature: project a real-life floating Nyx model into the environment. :smirk:


lol on iOS, well by the time they decide to port it to android the game will be dead lol

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don’t care much how have fake is, its just all I want about to launch something related to eve on my iPad sooner or later and cut the tie with my PC.

“iOS first”…

You guys haven’t learned a damn thing, have you?


When at first you don’t succeed… fail, fail again. If this doesn’t tie-in to my EVE online experience in some way I can’t see myself getting very excited about it.

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Those were my thoughts. Whelp, here we go again. Hopefully they don’t dump them into our chat channels this time, since they’ll only be staying for a week anyway.

Still waiting on my free SP… My guess is Winter '19 by the time they finally fix the chat issues.