I failed to launch Eve Anywhere on my mobile Chrome Browser ( Firefox, Edge same thing ) .
It checks for network speed and throw screen with Eve logo but then fails to launch.
Samsung S20 via hub HDMI cable large monitor keyboard and mouse, no VPN , no ad blockers, omega clone . Croatia EU .

Current network speed 500+ MBit download / 150 MBit Upload . ( 25 MBita is needed )

As I understaned it should launch Eve in browser on mobile devices .

Even that mobiles are weaker than gaming comps it should be enough CPU power for skills and in station bussiness ( would be great ) .

I read that some people launched Eve on mobiles .

Anyone have some experience on the matter ?

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Same issue. It launches 2/3 of the time. UK here, seemingly good internet connection, Android device.

When it doesn’t launch it reloads session has ended page and tells me to turn off adblockers and vpns. I have none of those turned on and tried both brave and samsung browser. It worked without a problem last night and it doesn’t wants to load now at all. Perhaps the eve anywhere servers are at their limit?

Edit: Cleared cache in Brave, didn’t work. Tried to launch in firefox, didn’t work. Tried to launch in brave from incognito and it worked (was working in brave at previous attempts as normal, non-incognito browsing)

Edit2: Tried same as I did in edit but didn’t launch for over an hour with multiple tries. Than it magically just did launch. Seems like an internet issue on either my or ccp’s end. I tried connecting from mobile network and wired network.

I came to the conclusion they just don’t have enough server slots.

I tried a lot of possible fix but the issue only comes up at more congested times. For example betnween 4-10pm especially in europe and on weekends. The game is unplayable in most deemed hours with eve anywhere most of the time without a VPN.

Why VPN? Because I can change my location to USA for example than eve anywhere would try to connect to eve anywhere’s servers that are hosted in the USA not in europe. It’s usefull if you try to connect through a location where it isn’t prime entertainment time so the eve anyhwhere servers aren’t that ultilised there.
Why not VPN? Most VPN services limit the bandwidth to aroun 100Mbps at best and eve anywhere needs a lot of bandwith, at least 25Mbps to run, and I assume a lot more to make the stream look nice. Whenever I used a VPN my bandwith was around 100Mbps and my quality worsened compared to the quality I would get without the use of a VPN.

It would be great if someone with power at CCP would start to open more servers for eve anywhere because it is mostly unusable when you really want to play with your friends.