Citadels can be anchored on FW Ihubs


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This is currently blowing up on Reddit:

You can anchor citadels on iHubs in FW space. Congratulations, this has taken something that’s already a huge problem and now made it into a FW win button.

Please CCP/CSM address this swiftly as FW is now a race to see who can get citadels on every iHub.

This is EXACTLY why we need FW/low sec reps on the CSM.

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Don’t even care this is a duplicate thread, it’s a major game breaking issue that needs to be stopped immediately

(Saint Michaels Soul) #3

Oh darn missed the other thread - I will stand in the dunces corner for the rest of the day!

(Lulu Lunette) #4

Nono totally cool. Should bump everything possible on this because I was just looking for some sort of official response anywhere even in the r/Eve thread and nothing. I guess that there’s as many as 3 of these going up on iHubs now.

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I’ve pinged people on Tweetfleet Slack and Twitter. We’re just about to see a huge race to anchor on every iHub. Our slack is currently working out how to get hold of 45 citadels in the next 24 hours :roll_eyes:

And to think I thought citadels were a huge issue BEFORE this.

(Quelza) #6

My mind is blown.

(1) How had no one tried this until just recently?

(2) How did CCP not consider this to be a possibility worth investigating for QC purposes when they decided to allow Citadels in FW space?

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Well done CCP, a brilliantly quick response <3

(Saint Michaels Soul) #11

Its possible this was a more recent bug. I think we tried this when they came out without success …I’ll check back with the alliance

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