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CK-0FF is a storied organization recruiting pilots who are returning to the game, looking for a new home, or are new and want to learn (minimum 3months old toons). Recruiting all timezones, primarily EU & US

We have been everywhere and done everything in the past and are settled down currently with our alliance, Sedition. With abundant PvP content in the EU/US tz out in solitude, we offer something for everyone. In CK-0FF we bust eachothers balls and give one another β– β– β– β– , but we do it out of fun.

We are a real life first corp and 100% understand that videogames are just that, games. That being said we like to aim for our goals. We don’t want you if you don’t want to PvP at times. With a long tradition of mentoring newer players we don’t grill you for asking dumb questions but expect you to learn over time. We specialize in bringing returning players back up to speed. With over two decades of EvE experience under our belt, we can help new and old players find the spot thats right for them.

Isk is nice, especially when you have it and we support those who would like to get more. That being said this is no rental corp, we fight for and defend our assets. We don’t require any CTA’s but expect that pilots have an interest in shooting others.

Benefits include:

[+] Free t1 handout doctrines
[+] Loads of BPO’s to get copies from
[+] Fun fights in the area
[+] Corp Discord / Alliance Mumble
[+] Nullsec Sov Space for $$
[+] Friendly enviroment
[+] Ice and Ore Buyback
[+] Alliance Moons

For recruitment please Eve-mail: β€œChuggi” and β€œcl0n3 -x” ingame or poke us on CK-0FF Discord mention the forums post in your message!

Notice: We do not recruit assholes or Nazi’s, there is a line to be drawn at personal attacks and blatant racism

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Chuggi is awesome.
You cant go wrong with these guys =)

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