Classic EVE Raging on TS Video

I’ve been searching high and low for an old video of a guy raging on Teamspeak and cannot find it. Mining in a .4 or something and gets popped. Then promptly joins TS server of the folks who blew him up and gets into a heated argument. Says he wants to report them for “Grief tactics”. I’m sure plenty of people know what video i’m referring to. But I just can’t find it anymore… :expressionless:

Pretty sure the one you are talking about is with “Tank CEO” as the protagonist. But all copies seem to have been deleted/archived. :<


You absolutely sure? I don’t recall the guy’s name. I know it was from as early as 2010 AT LEAST.

I remember that one.

He was mining in a cruiser in 0.4 and they told him “What were you doing mining in a cruiser in 0.4” and then he says he cant make any money in hisec.

I think its gone, i cant see it anymore.

Youtube recently did a huge purge of vids. Maybe this is part of it.


Yeah it looks like it’s gone. In any case, if it pops up again, i’d really like to know. I hope SOMEONE has it to upload again.

Took me under a minute to find, get good.

Video was removed due to copyrighted music, which is the reason most old gaming videos are now gone from Youtube.

Tip for the future: When you find a link to a removed Youtube video, copy and paste the video’s title (in this case “EVE-ONLINE… VERY FUNNY!!! guy gets pissed”) into Google, as it is likely to be hosted/cached on other video sites and Youtube mirrors.


Make sure you don’t put a suit on your children with something like that.

Thats kind of sad that internet have to remember all those stupid things. Maybe they hold some value to someone tho…

Like this:

So cute!

I remixed this video with Grath getting sweary over a Titan.

Warning: Profanity, several times. Do not watch if you get offended by swear words.

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