Client Crash No Errors

Recently only Eve Online has a surge of crashing to the desktop (as if I quit the game) no error message is displayed. It seems to be time related as it does take a while to build up. Such issues are usually memory leaks, however most memory leaks normally freeze or lock up the system as it runs out of memory.

This hasn’t occurred with the other graphically intensive online games I play other than Eve Online. I suspected it was the event or something event related. But I am thinking it is just the current client build and I am hoping this passes with the next client build… probably not until November?

As many of you can guess, Eve is not my mainstay game. I just wanted to let people here know what I am experiencing with this game currently. While it is still playable, the frequency of crashing makes one pause about getting into any aggressive action in a PvP or PvE environment.

Would start by taking a look at:

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I have exact same problem…I tryed everything and nothing work