Cloak and Daggers looking for new members

Hit us up :slight_smile:

Open for business, come try your luck, nothing to loose

Come join us. Big scale, small scale pvp. We are INIT to WIN IT!



Veteran corp born in 2007, member of ‘The Initiative’ Alliance looking for pilots.
Are you a new born and looking for a Null Sec experience and wanting to learn, or an experienced player looking to live in Fountain?
Take a seat and stay with us.
Awesome members, family like atmosphere, real life comes first policy, no one will kick you out of this corp or forced to move out your ships.
We are glad to have you.

If you need to take a break or slow down a little, we have a Hi Sec corp where you can park with 0% tax and no war-decks.
Or if you want to run L4 missions with an Alt, that’s possible too.
It’s also a Training Corp dedicated to help new players find their way in to the game.

Thank you for visiting and have fun!


Still recruiting! Come live with us in fountain! Ratt your ass rich. Mine like crazy! Join fleets and have fun with great FCs like Pando and Dark Shines. Daily fleets with lots of fun!

Contact me if you are ready :slight_smile:

2021-08-26 00_04_27-Window


Still recruiting :slight_smile:


Not signed up yet?
Still room for you!

Good afternoon I am looking for a corp o7

Send me ingame msg mate. Or and join Cloak and Daggers Recruitment and we have a chat :slight_smile:


Still recruitng :slight_smile:

:speech_balloon: Cloak and Daggers Recruitment - always open :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

Not signed up yet?
Still room for you!

Cloak and Daggers Recruitment - keep it coming - welcome to new joiners :heartpulse: