Returning Player Looking For Null Sec Established Alliance

Hi, Im a returning player from a few years ago. I want to get back into playing, but Im very rusty and dont remember everything that I once knew… Id like to find someone or a group of people that would be willing to give me a hand in learning all this again and everything new. I have a 70 million SP character and a few other characters that I dont have sub’s for yet. I am on every day. If you think you can teach me, and you have a very good corporation with good players, please contact me by mail in game. Btw Im mostly interested in PVP, but I dont mind mining in 0.0 too. EU time Based.

Thank you,

Hey Su-34,

Take a look at our offer and see if we are a good fit for you.

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Good luck finding a nice corp. Perhaps mine:

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ure more then welcome plz dorp by and say hi :smiley:

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Thanks ill take a look. …

:uk: Join the Imperial Fleet and fight for the Empire! - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

We would love to speak with you :slight_smile:

hey mate, we only recruit those who we think are a good fit. for what we stand for see here - Kabul Airport Extraction Team is giving you 7 days to join before we bug out - #25 by Clara_Precesdei

For our recruitment pages see here - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki]

come say here and happy to have a discord chat with you, we have brought on board around 40 vets this months alone

Knowbody around or online. Eve mails, filled application in. Tried to join but get rejected in game untill someone contacts me. Any other alliance thats online? and can accept a application cant wait anymore days to join a corp. Im after Uk/EU based time if possible.

What time zone are you based in> Im UK and what you mean setting off in a few days is that for wormhole space.?

Im a dad but mine left home now neally. I can relate to you. lol What time zone are you guys.?

We are not restricted to a single time zone (people from various part of the world). iN any case, Uk time covered.
Drop by our discord and we can answer other question you may have and know a bit more about you too.

nah dude we arent going anywhere. We are a mixture of EU and US, theres players online 24/7 really. I personally are UK based.

if you click on the wiki i linked, that will walk you through the discord process alongside the NUT/Seat. I can talk you through it if needed.

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