WTS my hulk/skiff pilot,
Just pulled him out of the corp, positive wallet - all other requirements met.

  • Mining Barge 5
  • Exhumer 5

Just finished training reprocessing efficiency 5 - so ready to train up for all those nice null sec rock mining crystals.

Starting Bid: 7b Isk
B/O: 10b isk

7bill isk ready

8B Ready.

8.1bill isk ready

9B ready

9.2B ready

9.3 Last offer

9.4 Last offer

Thank you Kuta, I accept your final bid please send isk and account name you would like me to transfer to in game from this character and I’ll start the process. Cheers

Are you still interested in this purchase?

I have contacted you in game, thank you

Both bidders didn’t communicate.

New Buy out set to 9b Isk


Bump again, 9b - earn that isk back quick with this character! :smiley:

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