Close please

(Cumandant Diretur) #1

Close please

(BearThatCares) #2

Sounds like you should come chat with us at Krypted Gaming, we’re a tight-knit nullsec group that does a lot of pewpew.

Stop by our Discord, and at worst we can point you in the right direction for a corporation that fits you.

(Mega Syte) #3

I would recommend Krypted Gaming good bunch of pilots, very good leadership and in a active Alliance. Jump in Null make some good isk and enjoy some PvP.

(Cumandant Diretur) #4

I’m in the process of trying, so pls be patient if i appear to be hopping corps :disappointed:

(Mega Syte) #5

Have you managed to get in touch with bear? If not let me know I’ll poke the Bear (I’m not scared)

(King Creator) #6

You found a group that suits you yet?

(Nikolai Mazinkov) #7

Self sufficiency on 1 toon is hard in hi sec, but I am obliged to offer the services of Red vs Blue as the antithesis of the ■■■■■■■■ that is selling your first born and loggin in every twelve hours. We do low sec a lot but obviously have a core in hi sec for casual pew pew.

The chill and the pew we have, but most use alts for ISK unless you want to do incursions or missions. Or just loot…I have a nice loot hangar bru, let me tell you…