Close relisting

close going to relist

70Bil ISK ready




77 bill

check your mailbox :+1:

offer 85 bil

i guess we are having an auction instead then.

all ingame mails replied to and offers rejected unless there posted here.

current offer stands at 85 billion by Mr Hertz

i wont keep this going long so Downtime tomorrow the auction ends.

Again feel free to mail me ingame to discuss a buyout (give me time to reply) as my Mains busy :slight_smile:

i match 85bill if buyer leaves

Forgot to add the char also has a Resculpting Available

last bump before DT MR Hertz Current winner with 85B

send isk and account name to myself and i will sort the xfer after DT

if i dont hear from the wining bidder in the next 24 hours the char can go to you.

close relsiting

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