Close - Transfert done

Hi !
Do you need a perfect scout/exploration pilot ? I’m here for you ! pass 1234
14M SP
Close of 7M in scanning (Arch/Hack V - Acquisition/Rangefind V - 15h of Pinpointing V)
CPU management - Electronics upgrades - EGU - PGM V
Cloaking IV
Gallente frig - destro - cruiser V
covops/Astero pilot

Started 10b

no kill right - seat in Jita - no jump clone

10 bil. But please post your eveboard link.

eveboard Done ! My bad.


11.5 bill and ready to roll

12 bil. ISK ready now. :blush:

Ok for 12b ! i’m waiting the isk :slight_smile:

If that falls through - outside of your time requirement, feel free to hit me up.

Logging on now to transfer ISK and mail account name.

Gratz Deglin, Elie

All yours. Backing out.

i’m online, let me know you wan to start the trade.

ISK and Account info has been sent :blush:

Thank you Xanthi. Sorry to have out bid you friend.

You have chosen to transfer the character Elie Darkrising to the account named XXXXX

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Character Name: Elie Darkrising

Will be completed after: 3/12/2018 4:31:49 AM

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Confirmation received from CCP. Thanks kindly,


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