[Close]WTB Aeon or Nyx Focused Character, budget 55B ISK

Just make it as cheap as possible, nothing else matters.



Would you be interested in me? asking 55B

Great name, got cool glittering dream skin, got HG amulet and HG ascendancy pod. And max nyx skills.
Need to leave corp and move assets if interested. Let me know

Sorry, there was a 403 error on this page and I am unable to see any information.


i updated the link hope this works

if not let me know and ill try another skill board program

just another in case the other one doesn’t work

This URL works.
I’m happy with this character, but, can you wait until April 11th? I can save enough ISK at that time.
If you don’t plan on keeping the character during this period, then that’s okay, I’ll just wait for the next one.

I’m afraid you didn’t receive the reply message, so I’ll reply again.

Hello? Are you OK?


This post is no longer valid, please check my new post.

Closed at request of op.