WTS Supercarrier Nyx/Aeon Pilot 49 M SP

NPC corporaction, high sec location
No kill rights or jump clones
Wallet green
start 40 b

Some useless skills in there, I offer 30b

I will get more when extracting skill points, if you are willing to offer more I am waiting for your offer

@Martin_DaCosta please update skillboard re: New Official Skillboard [https://skillq.net/]


31bil skills are horrendous





send isk and info Judge_J !

still relevant? this is my second character, if it’s relevant, I’ll take your bet.

are you ready?

I won’t be able to make the payment until 3 hours later, and then I’ll be off work

ok ok i waiting

maybe you want to buy it, too?

I bought another character from you. I can also purchase this character, but it will take 12 hours

Are you willing to wait for me

yes I can

vyperz Thank you. The ISK and account for this account have been sent