WTS Dreadnought/Orca Pilot 55,1 M SP

NPC corporaction, high sec location
No kill rights or jump clones
Wallet green
start 40 b

You might wanna use one of the other skillboards

For what? This very handy site, or is there something you don’t understand?

T4E is going to be offline as it says at the top of the site within a week. One of my corp members created it. We hate its going offline, but ccp refused to acknowledge them or anything as a eve partner. They havent even been online since breaking the news


Bro you sell dread pilot without magic 14 at 100%… nice trolling toon

30b for this. Need inject a lot to have “normal” toon



35 b BO Fust

you are funny xD


how long can you hold the toon for and would you be willing to hold if the amount was increased?

ISK and account have been sent

the funny is not the bid, its the toon. sell “dread” toon without magic14 its amazing

I sent you

Has the transfer started yet

Has the transfer started yet


I sent it a long time ago

Confirming this character is now sold?