Only requirement I ask for is that the name is decent and doesn’t have numbers in it.


How about this one?

Def interested willing to let is go for say 4.5bil?

5b and we have a deal.

edit: Name is Zuandor now, logged in, hope that´s a decent name for you.

I accept 5b it is, please post with the character as per forum rules just to do this by the book and I will send isk plus account name.

Withdrawn for now as per post below

Ah right I thought it was still renameable so let me think about it and see what other guys offers I get.

Actually its not a bad name but would have preferred to rename it myself but that being said I am willing to offer my original 4.5b only because you renamed it. If your willing to accept please post with the character then send me the name you want the isk transferred too.

2006 with no corp History

2009 (pretend its not a zero) :wink:


4,5B is fine. Pls send the ISK to Terses.

Isk and account name sent to Terses

Please check your evemail

Hi I responded, should work fine.

Nope, not working. Accountname you sent me either doesn´t exist or is not active according to the error message.

Definitely works I am logged into it, its my main account. Did you try copy pasting it and typing it as I said in the email?

Thanks for trying and returning the isk.

We had to cancel the sale due to account issue so guess I’ll close this thread until figure out whats wrong.

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