(oitta Silf) #1


(TxivYawg1) #2

8 bil

(Gafton) #3

very basic ■■■■ load of from even being a good rorq pilot 11 bil offer

(Prewarped) #4

12b This is a basic Rorqual pilot. Nowhere near perfect.

(oitta Silf) #5

All hard miner skills in 5
All core and support mining drone skills lvl5, CAPITAL industrials lvl5 + t2 INDUSTRIAL CORE + invul. Core + capital shield transporter

Its maximum mining efficincy.

Its not basic pilot.

Starting price 17 bil !
Dont clog a thread!

(Musya Sukarala) #6

daily up

(oitta Silf) #7

Daily bump

(Avallah) #8

13b. Pilot is far from perfect. BTW if you think that this pilot have max yeld then mine pilots have more than game dev offers :wink:

(oitta Silf) #9

minimum price 16.5 bil. its starting price.

(Nikola Tesla26) #10

you are not even in NPC corp
please take care of that maybe thats why people dont want to put bids :blush:

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #11