(Holy Shizznit) #1

WTB Rorqual pilot, 15-20b budget

Show me what you got

(Holy Shizznit) #2

Still looking for a new pilot

Starter rorquals are welcome!

(lopusm2) #3

Pay attention to these options. May be, will be interested. =)

(Holy Shizznit) #4

Still looking

(Hymar Sakara) #6

I am looking to sell this guy

Reply or mail me in game.

(Holy Shizznit) #7


I can offer you 16bil or waiting for another offer

(Hymar Sakara) #8

sell post just went up and is here for the pilot Rorqual pilot 16 mil sp

(Holy Shizznit) #9

Daily bump

Show me what u got

(Hymar Sakara) #10

I’m still for sale I can go as low as 17bil.

(Holy Shizznit) #11


@Hymar_Sakara Offer is waiting in your thread

(system) #12

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