Looking to buy Rorqual Pilot.
13-18B ready to pay.

18bil B/O

Thanks for your reply.
This pilot i pay up to 17bil. :grinning:

His value is 18 billion, can’t be lower

Alright,I accept your offer.
I will transfer 18b to Leo Planet13 .
Please transfer the pilot to the account which transferred you the money. :grinning:

18bil has been transferred to your account, please confirm.

Please email me your account in the game so that I can transfer it

Email has been sent.
This is a good deal. :grinning:

I didn’t see the account information in the email

The message has been resent, please check it.

Are you sure this is your account information?
Craftsmanship Lunar
Log in to the game’s account

YES.Craftsmanship Lunar ,im sure.

Target user not found or not active.

Need account information on the launcher

Sry,Nep_miner_02 plz try this account again.

Payment successful, transfer in progress. Please inform us of successful transfer~~~~

Transfer successful.Thank you.
Now this topic will be close.

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