WTS T2 Siege Focused Rorqual Pilot 14M SP

I am for sale, will drop to NPC corp before initiating xfer.


Will entertain trades for pilots either in or on their way into ishtars.

12B B/O

I’m interested, But, you have to be in an NPC Corp.


daily bump

5b ready

5.5b ready

6b now

6.5b now

7b ready

7.5b now

9B :slight_smile:

9.5b at most🙂

Raise to 10B, stretching it.

10.5 b isk ready to send

12B B/O offer, ISK and account details sent.

Accepted. Thanks Frank, logging in to confirm and begin xfer

isk received. xfer initiated to the account details given. thanks and enjoy!

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