Im literally getting thousands of new bpcs every day i can’t keep this updated

More sets coming soon, as soon as my client caches the 7k + blueprints and decides to load i find the motivation to start appraising t2 and t3 blueprints

What is rare about these T1 BPC?

Before you make a thread on the T2 and T3, I might be interested in what you have. Drop me a DM with info on those. I might make you a reasonable offer.

The rare stuff hasn’t been appraised yet, mostly faction, storyline, exploration and event bpcs. I’ll update the posting when find more motivation to do so. I will mail you the t2 and t3 bpcs i have though

Also interested in the T2 and T3 stuff if you could mail me as well.

Due to demand for T2 and T3 prints, i’ve started rolling the sets out. Expect more tomorrow New set out!

Sale still open.

Sale still open.

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