Closed ! Character is now Sellt/ WTS my Charakter SP at Moment 27,94 Mio

I will sell my account i wait for your offers!’t_Forget

i will wait for your offers and i will close the threat in any days

The Character has a positiv wallet and no kill rights

i can do 8B now

I’ll offer 11 bil.

10 bil

11.5 bill

Offer 15B BO

15,6 b

16 bil

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Thanks for your offer! i will close the threat in 2 days ! if no one want pay more, please prepair you ISK

i will transfer the character when i close the threat and when i see the money on the vallet

are you sure, this is satisfing CCP rules?

yes i m sure but thx that you ask for it !

You are not the one to close the thread. The new owner is.

After the deal
When a character is sold, the buyer must modify the topic title to reflect this to help other forum patrons know what characters are still available.

The new owner of the character may NOT pass himself off as any previous owner.

Posts in the sales thread once the character has been successfully sold should not be edited. Any information disclosed about the characters may not be removed.

Geo thx for your words! but how long i m the owner of this character i can close the Threat from my side! and not the new or better to say the “new owner” can set him than into the character bazaar !

I speak only for me and for this time how long i will be the owner of this character i really dont know where is your problem ? Janau has the problem that Goshe Mama want more pay than him! i really understand his disition but thats life same he can write me and tell me i give you 500 mio more than every guy which want buy him …

That’s ccp rules that I posted


Goshe_Mama you become the character for the 16b when you transfer the money I will transfer the character! Write me ingame the account name

ISK and Account info sent.

What @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras stated is correct. Only the new owner has the authority to close the thread or if the Original owner decides to not sell the character then he can request for it to be closed.

Please review the rules.


Can you please confirm that you received the isk and acc info and start the transfer pls.

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I will start it in 15 maybe 20 min i will write you when i start ingame and here!

I will start the character Transfer how bonus you will become any ships in Curse and in the high sec for pvp i wish you many fun with this character

i clean now only my frendship list and all contacts

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