Closed - Character purchased

Looking for an amazing SubCap character (perfect character would be pretty much an instant buy)

Minimum Requirements:
(or enough unallocated to train them)

  • Cyb 5
  • All T1 Subcaps to 5 (except BS)
  • All T2 cruisers and below
  • All T3 cruisers to 5
  • Max supcap weapon skills
  • Max fitting skills
  • Max engineering skills
  • Almost perfect supcap Armor/Shield
  • Amazing supcap drone skills (T2 Heavy required)
  • Max subcap Nav skills (no jump skills/etc)
  • lvl 4 rigging
  • Amazing targeting
  • Amazing Ewar (minus ECM)

Desired by not required:

  • T2 BC and BS
  • T2 Sentries
  • Anchor T2 large bubbles
  • Decent scanning skills

Hmm would you be interested in something like this?


This might not be exactly what you’re looking for but its close! Im open for offers but looking for something around 1b/mil sp as usual focused pilot pricing goes…

I will keep it in mind, but there is tons of stuff that doesn’t meet my requirements, it’s really not that close.

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