Deal made, please close. Thankyou :)

Maybe asking a lot here but want the char to be able to fly :

all faction frigates all the way to battleships tier V
All Shields V (except capital shields)
All armour V (except capital armour)
Engineering V ^^^

Missiles and gunnery good, would have to see what you have.

Would like a character that has at least over 50+ mill SP.

Feel free to post a sub cap char and I’ll take a look so long as it is over 50+ mill SP.

P.s - don’t know if people care these days but I’ll be using the char so won’t be sucked dry of SP and shall live on still.
Not everything you’re looking for but it’s a great character for sub caps and has skills in some caps.

Contacted in-game

Thanks for the reply Sarro, it’s not for me I’m afraid looking for something with a little bit more firepower. All the best though.



I’m going to ask the mod to close the thread since I’ve bought my character.

If you’re looking for Sarro_Azizora post it’s here Price Check and potentially selling 53m sp

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