Price Check and potentially selling 53m sp

Looking for a price check on a very well rounded PvE and PvP character.

Has great gunnery skills as well as missiles.
Can fly Min carriers.
Armor and Shield skills.
53m so

Just looking to see what it would be worth and would be willing to place in an NPC Corp if I receive an appropriate offer.

Reply here and mail me in game.

49b offer

47 bil

I would offer 50b, but would need a little bit to get the isk together

54 bil


Offered 55 bil


Another bump. 56b is really tempting but honestly I’d like a bit more due to skill books

Still have to wait? My patience is running out.

To sell your character, you must be n an npc corporation at the time of posting. You may relist your character for sale once all sales conditions are met. Thank you.