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Who are we?
Our corp was formed by veteran players to advance our operations in nullsec and develop our coalition.


We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

What can WDNF provide?
★ Corp Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
★ Regular coalition fleets
★ Small corp gangs and roams

★ Safe Null Sec space with Level 5 Upgrades across multiple systems
★ Lots of anomalies
★ Refineries in place
★ Moon Mining
★ Mining Fleets
★ Ice Belts, Many Belts and Spawning Belts + full PI systems

★ Corp buyback programs
★ Coalition buyback programs
★ Capital construction programs

★ Corp and Alliance logistics team
★ Markets
★ Coalition Import/Export Services

WDNF requirements?
★ Active player
★ Understand that real life comes first
★ Chatty and lively player
★ Teamspeak and Discord are required
★ Willing to join fleets and corp/coalition operations when available
★ Minimum 1,000,000 Skill Points
★ Full API for all accounts owned, no expiry, according to the following link:
★ SSO Login via our forums (accepting all scopes that are required)

If you have any questions or wish to apply, please reply here or contact princess abbie in-game or join our IGC: WDNF Public

Would like to join most intrest in mining and ratting can fly caldari bs and gallenthe bs omega clone with 5.7 mil sp if intrest send me a ingame mail with what you need from me

Grtzz owen haze

Will send you a convo in game if you are not on will drop you a mail, thanks for showing interest.

Bumpty Bump does any one know what show I might be referencing for on this wording :smiley: i think only british will know

Couple of new guys with us now happy to have you any one else interested in learning some stuff and living in null?

Still looking got some time this evening to chat with people :smiley:

Still looking and on for rest of evening for talking with people :smiley:

Back from the xmas times with family :smiley: happy days!

Back to recruiting we go haha

Im back on this weekend for chatting etc :smiley:new year what now?

Final day before im gone for a cupple days again so im free to chat today join our igc as im on other toons

Happy new year back at the recruiting :smiley: free all day today/evening

On for a few hours tonight so free to chat again :smiley: for those still recovering from hang overs I laugh at you gg

Bump the titan!

Interested. Not currently in game though. 22mil SP omega account with basic eve exp and no null/lowsec exp. a little WH exp as well

Sent msg in game

Looking after little baby tonight but active to chat for new recruits :smiley: so come join ingame channel or drop me a mail and can chat on voice with you.

On all day now lets get chatting, newbros and vets welcome :smiley:

Active again today feel free to come chat :smiley:

Its a new day its a new dawn! And im feeling goooood!

Come chat today we are slowly growing every day its very nice to see and met some nice people so far so happy to chat with others even if you dont join and just want some advice about eve im free to chat :smiley:

Im here again all evening now :smiley: