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Happy new year back at the recruiting :smiley: free all day today/evening

On for a few hours tonight so free to chat again :smiley: for those still recovering from hang overs I laugh at you gg

Bump the titan!

Interested. Not currently in game though. 22mil SP omega account with basic eve exp and no null/lowsec exp. a little WH exp as well

Sent msg in game

Looking after little baby tonight but active to chat for new recruits :smiley: so come join ingame channel or drop me a mail and can chat on voice with you.

On all day now lets get chatting, newbros and vets welcome :smiley:

Active again today feel free to come chat :smiley:

Its a new day its a new dawn! And im feeling goooood!

Come chat today we are slowly growing every day its very nice to see and met some nice people so far so happy to chat with others even if you dont join and just want some advice about eve im free to chat :smiley:

Im here again all evening now :smiley:

Back on for the evening :smiley:
new tattoo done in lots of pain but well worth it and back on eve :smiley: excuse not to work haha

Back on for the day :smiley:

Back on for the evening :smiley:

Active again all day/evening now :smiley:

I’m just getting back in after a 2 year hiatus. Myself and a friend of mine are hunting a place to live and start playing. He is brand new, I am ~33m SP’s. EST play times 6pm - 10pm during the week and too much on weekends.

We are both interested in mostly PVE lifestyle, mining, ratting. I have some experience with null life from my previous corp / alliance.

Discord is prefered. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey man tried to convo you in game a few times between 6 and 10

Was AFK for a few hours there. Sorry about that, took my mother out for dinner :smiley:

i see you joined a corp now good luck with it

Just getting back into Eve, been playing since vanilla, but looking to get back into it again. don’t mind whether its TS or Discord, just let me know and I can do either.

Caldari specialised, as i love the missiles :smile:

It seems like you have a lot of interesting stuff going on.
If you don’t mind, I’d refer you to my post and if you find that interesting, throw me a PM

Fly safe o7