Closed - see my new thread

Thread closed. Sales are now in my new fundraiser thread.

Are you looking to sell the skins only as a bundle or can we buy individual ones?

yes of course you can buy individual skins :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll also do bulk discounts if you wanna take like 50 blaze squadron skins but most of my business is retail not wholesale.

What is your understanding of “large rigged ships” ?

How much for the entire skin collection?

Non-large ships with large rigs. This includes capitals with t2 large rigs (I have a couple dreads and carriers), and at least one Devoter with large rigs.

If you meant “large hulls, with rigs attached” then sorry I don’t have much.

Edit: updated the OP to clarify the above

@Kiki Kiki: Put in an offer. I don’t really expect to sell the whole thing - in fact there’s probably a few pieces there I’d rather not sell at all, I posted that appraisal directly from jeveassets without curating it properly. I’m not gonna give it away for like 50% of jitabuy, same deal with the purps. That said, if you have an offer on all of it or on some large portion (like all the blaze squadron or all the cordite skins) let me know! :slight_smile:

Could u send me a list with all the subcapital ships you got? You can send them ingame if you want.

Can I buy 1 Gotan’s modified dual 425mm? I can pay 1b for that. If possible give contract to ‘hale koon’

Done, thanks

Message sent in game

Thread up. Double bubble eris & heretic sold. Flycatcher still here!

Thread up. If you mailed me & I forgot to get back to you, mail me again. I’ve had a lot of communication going through the last few days, I’m sure I dropped someone.

Thread updated with bulk ship hulls, bulk faction mods, bulk deadspace mods, and a link to the tobi web auction which I’ll also put here <url=contract:30000142//180182544>Tobias’ Modified Stasis Webifier

Hey I forgot to mention I’m also interested in dreads. Not sure if you would consider bulk deals on them maybe 10 or so. Let me know.

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