🔥 SOLD WTS 80m SP Subcap Savage! Marauders V, 11b+ in SKINs and more!

Skillboard here

NPC Corp
Positive wallet
Positive sec status (5)
Good Killboard
No Killrights
2 remaps available

Marauders 5, can fly golem vargur or paladin.
Assault frigates 5
Recon 5
All subsystems for legion, tengu, and loki are 5
great shield and armor skills
great drone skills
cyber 5, bio 5, infomorph psych 5

454 Ship SKINs, including some notables:

  • Kikimora Netherworld Striker (current sell orders at about 10 bil)
  • Tempest Amaranthine Mantle (600m)
  • Typhoon Fleet Cryptic Mimesis (800m)
  • Jaguar In Rust We Trust (185m)
  • Caracal Nugoeihuvi (about 100m)
  • Curse Purity of the Throne (~300m)
  • Revelation Purity of the Throne (250m)
  • Stratios Yoiul Star (115m)
  • Astero Yoiul Star (260m)

Post offers… Not looking for someone just going to suck my brain juice out, as there are some pretty cool skins that would go to waste

Starting bids at 55b

i accept 55b :slight_smile:

Thanks, will take that into consideration

bump to the top

i can take it for 60b but not more

i can paid now i have the is on wallet

60b is accepted.
Please send isk and account name for transfer.

61b offer

@Ertiq_K_Qit ISK and account name sent. Transfer ISK back if offer is rejected. Thanks.

@Ertiq_K_Qit hi bro i have paid 61b and transfert account info :slight_smile:

I accept your offer of 61b, I will return the 61b to Libby Fischer. Since you were the first one to accept.

Give me a couple minutes to set up and I will initiate transfer.

EDIT: Character transfer started.

thabks bro

how many time to end transfert?^^

It takes 10 hours.

i have toon transfer end thanks a lot

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