WTS 59.6m SP Dread, Marauder, HIC/DIC, Stormbringer, Carrier PVP/PVE

Fantastic opportunity to snag yourself a PVP/PVE alt

Can fly most null bloc doctrines inc Muninn, Cerbs, Eagle, HIC, Dictor, all Bombers. T2 bomb launcher, Amarr Dread and Marauder skilled, Gallente Carrier/ Super and Fighters, Logistic Cruiser V

For PVE can fly a T5 abysall Stormbringer and a Paladin

Link to skillboard. EveSkillboard - Karl Chandler

Jump Clones:
Standard set of implants in Perimiter
Clone in Thera
Lots of skins

-Positive wallet
-npc corp

Already have offers of 34bn, so will only consider offers above that.

Offer 40b b/o

Thanks, would you go to 42bn b/o?

41b b/o are okay for me. ISK rdy right now

OK deal. Cheers

ISK and details sent

ISK and account details received. Account transfer fee paid.

Character received

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