WTS Supercarrier (V) / Dread (V) /Marauder (V) pilot 47m SP with full High-Grade Nirvana set


I want to sell my alt. He is very usefull pilot:
Minmatar carrier V - for Hel supercarrier and Nidhoggur. Fighters are on IV but currently training to V. All skills needed to join different nullblocks supergroups are injected. Also pilot have a full High-grade Nirvana set pod for Hel supercarrier (it is worth a few b).
Minmatar dread V and gunnery skills V - for Naglfar. This pilot with proper Naglfar fit with abbysals gyro can easily go for 15k+ dmg. U can use it for PvP or PvE (Crabs/C5/6 wh ratting).
Marauders V and minmatar BS V - for Vargur. U can go PvP and PvE with it, all skills needed to do 10/10 in different regions or ratting in c5 wh are there.

This alt also have possibility to use Purifier and Manticore, I was using it to multiboxing bombing with a few accounts. Also if u are an indy guy - you have 9 reaction slots here.

About this char:
he was used for ratting in C5 WH, later he was moved to Delve for war. He participated in a few battles in Naglfars and Hel. He was top2 dmg on the Imperium side during final 1dq battle (you can check battle report from it). During the war he was used in multiboxing bombing sometimes also. Pleb Plebowsky | Character | zKillboard

Wallet balance: 1m isk
Kill rights: no kill rights
Jump clones: all in 1dq. 1 pod full high-grade nirvana set for Hel supercarrier, 1 pod for Dreadnought Naglfar, 1 old unused pod for researching BPO.
Character location: 1dq Imperial palace. I left corp a few minutes ago (because char need to be in NPC corp during this auction).

To inject character like this from 0 you need to buy 114 skill injectors worth 78b. Also this char have a pod worth ~5b. So total worth of character is around 83b.

My starting auction price is 45b.

I confirm that I am for sale

bump still for sale

weekend bump




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i will do a generous 30b b/o

I will not sell lower. I’m not quitting eve, just don’t need this char so much, but 45b is minimum price for me. I will not sell it cheaper because it’s senseless to do that.


bumpp still for sale


wanted to know if 34B Is possible
45B is too high

Sadly not. 34b is not enough. 45b is a minimum for me. As u can see in zkill I’m having fun using this alt, I will not sell it without good price (and 45b for me is minimal good price).

all of the luck to you :slight_smile:

thanks! I’m still between playing Eve and winning Eve:D


thread can be closed. I’m back to the game and playing, so I’m using this char;p

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