WTS 33.3m SP Nagalfar Dread/Recon/Covert Cyno 150k unallocated

Selling my Minmatar dread pilot.

33.3 mil SP (150k Unallocated)


Naglfar PVP/PVE pilot
Minmitar Dread 4
T2 Siege
T2 Capital Autocannons
Jump Drive Cal 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 4

Minmitar Recons (Huginn/Rapier)
Covert Cynos
Caldari Interceptors/Covert ops/Scanning
Cybernetics 5
Biology 5 (max booster length)
Astrometrics 5
Former Tengu pilot (Tengu skill extracted)

+4 Implants (minus charisma) and 5 missile implants (former tengu pilot)
no other jump clones

Currently in NPC corp (check in game eveskillboard will take time to update)
Positive wallet
No kill rights
1 bonus remap available

Starting bid 30b

Buyout 35b


40b isk

Heh well, I’ll buy out for 35b

Confirmed 40b offer from Quack McGee discussed in game

Isk and account name received, transfer has started.

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