WTS Cheap Dread Pilot 16m SP

+5 implants

Trained purely to fly a Moros.

Capital Blaster Spec 4
Gallente Dread 4
Jump Drive Calibration 3.

Comes with a Moros.


EveMail Lord TYMAN in game.

10B Starting Bid
20B Buy Out.

10b +@

i done a bump


By typing in this box, my post goes to the top of the list.

Also - the Moros has now sold so it’s just the character for sale now.

My offer is being taken back. Turns out don’t got the ISK at the moment

12B ready

Thanks, I would take 15b if that helps.

I agree with your price 。I give 15B

OK please send the ISK to Tomz0r and let me know what account to transfer the char to

ok I will send you an email with ISK and account name

He is not yet at NPC

ISK has been sent Email has been sent

all done should be with you now

When you start transferring people, please tell me here

yeh ive transferred him and paid the £17 fee to CCP
i guess its up to them now?


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