2 x Dread pilots one rev and one moros 35B takes the rev pilot!

35b takes him !!

both have slave implant sets
both will be in npc corp
all CCP rules apply

enjoy wants pricechecks for now will sort the stuff out and confirm the pilots now

enjoy and get bidding

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Your pilots should confirm here that they are for sale.

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yeh they will in a minute I was busy doing something in RL just want a rought price on them

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30b for moros pilot


sure ill get him out of corp etc

on first one iam bidding 32bill
second il bid a nice 30bill

disregard my second bid and new offer for khori is 34bill

accept ill sort that out now for you

still for sale no reply on both

will offer 30b for the rev pilot lmk


both still for sale

awaiting buyers confirmation so still for sale


32b in game offer for moros pilot

still for sale

65b for both !!

32b offer for Kohrilyssa

thanks but hd a 34b bid :slight_smile: look above :slight_smile:

are they still for sale?