WTS Moros Pilot 38mil sp

(Mr PIPIII) #1

Gallente Dreadnought V
Capital Ships V
Capital Blaster Spec V

T2 Siege
T2 Guns

Pretty much max Moros pilot.

Positive ISK
No kill rights
One clone located in Jita 4-4


Starting bid is 35b

(Iseemir) #2

35b offer

(Mr PIPIII) #3

Thanks for the offer.

(Takitani Genji) #4


(Wang Colonel) #5

39B offer

WTB rev/nag/moros pilot
(Takitani Genji) #6


(Mr PIPIII) #7

42bil current bid thanks for the offers!

(Mr PIPIII) #8


(Mr PIPIII) #9

Will be accepting this offer as soon as it can be confirmed and the account info/isk sent across.

(Takitani Genji) #10

isk and id info all send

(Mr PIPIII) #11

Transfer under way :slight_smile:

(Mr PIPIII) #12

Complete :slight_smile:

(system) #13

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